Lilies and Grapes

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Lilies and Grapes

Accession number 1958_35
Artwork title Lilies and Grapes
Artist / creator {artist} {/artist}
Date of work 1958
Credit Line / Acquisition Information 6th Acquisitive Lismore Art Prize Exhibition 1958

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Oil on board

Signed & Dated Olley brhs
Display Height / Width 1005cm x 750cm
Artwork Statement

1955 to 1958 was one of the least prolific times of Margaret Olley’s painting career. Winning the Lismore Art Prize no doubt provided her with the necessary encouragement to pursue her art more vigorously.

Lilies and Grapes is an early painting by Olley, depicting one of her favourite subjects, still life. As Olley has commented: "People call it ‘still life’. It has another dimension. It is relationships and the juxtaposition of objects. I use flowers, it's creative - and space is absolutely everything".