Emscot, Warwickshire

Hector Beaumont GILLILAND

Emscot, Warwickshire

Accession number 1954_09
Artwork title Emscot, Warwickshire
Artist / creator Hector Beaumont GILLILAND
Date of work 1954
Credit Line / Acquisition Information Acquisitive Richmond River Art Prize for Watercolour 1954


Watercolour on paper

Signed & Dated Gilliland '54 b.r.h.s.
Display Height / Width 360cm x 440cm
Artwork Statement

'I was in my early years attracted by reflections in still water because the upside-down repetition helped to preserve the vertical flatness of the picture-plane and, more importantly, because they stressed the state of stillness I am always aware of stillness in life and life in stillness and for me, they are necessary to visual art form'. The artist, 1991