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Accession number 1997_207
Artwork title SCAN
Collaborating Artists / Technicians John Smith, Jan Davis, Rilka Oakley, Shelagh Morgan, Kim Macuik
Date of work 1996
Credit Line / Acquisition Information Donated by the Artists
Display Height / Width 303cm x 230cm
Artwork Statement

John Smith; The work that I have developed for this project is a continuation of previous thematic interests and general positioning of my output within the tradition of the 'grotesque'. As such I admit to a somewhat irreverent attitude towards the computer whilst recognising that currently it is veritable heresy to say so. Therefore, I take it back. There is much infatuation with computer technology and astounding commitment to the efficiencies that the computer magic will provide. But the day to day operating of this new and emerging magic is often sheer carnival. It's almost as fabulous as the game of golf and as chaotic as the pattern of growth in the formation of a tree.
Jan Davis; A computer, to me, can acquire the same status as a pencil, a wood gouge, a stick of charcoal, a paint brush, a camera, or a printing press. It can't do what a brush does, but it can be a tool in the same way a brush is a tool. It can be an information recording and processing system like a printing press. It can also substitute as a venue for the completed work, like a wall, a frame or a gallery.
Rilka Oakley; Printmaking is my vehicle for making images. I see computer technology in terms of printingmaking and how it reflects and effects traditional printmaking media. It is an extension of printmaking - the ultimate tool in reproduction. I see computer technology as another tool similar to an etching press or a scalpel. Time is spent negotiating menus rather than wiping etching plates, mixing on a digital palette instead of a piece of glass and printing on a stylewriter pro instead of an etching press.
Shelagh Morgan; These works are in a sense nostalgic, they are motivated by resistance. A resistance to the standardisation of experience. The CPU cannot deliver the space outside the sentence. These hands are an index to that space.
Kim Macuik; Electronic media is an extension of the processes and methodologies of my visual art practice and an exploration into new arenas for making images of the female body. I make images of the female body with the computer as a tool that extends beyond the more traditional tools employed by artists.

Credit Line / Acquisition Information Donated by the Artists