Mowarra Ganambarr was an Indigenous artist, law man and highly respected elder from the iwuy clan in Arnhem Land.
His year of birth has not been clarified, although it was believed to be around 1917.

Mowarra Ganambarr’s earliest works were paintings and drawings created specifically for anthropologists, R.M. and C.H. Berndt in 1947 and were later recognised as being the true foundations for the Bark Painting Movement.

Some of Ganambarr’s were part of the Saltwater Exhibition.

Ganambarr was awarded an Order of Australia in 2000 for peacekeeping and clan integration efforts. He died shortly after.
It has been noted that Mowarra Ganambarr has a total of 35 children, 101 grandchildren and 94 great grandchildren.

Gender Male
Country of Birth Australia