Melissa HIRSCH

Melissa Hirsch is an environmental artist based in Byron Bay, Australia. She uses both organic and man - made materials such as metal, fishing line and glass to create her installations. Taking inspiration from nature, Hirsch conveys a notion of fragility and intricacy in her artworks. Their sense of transience is heightened by the constant play of shadows, negative space and movement inherent in the works.

Hirsch is also interested in the interaction between the aesthetic form and its environment. In 2004 she organised the group 'Efemera', which produced collaborative, ephermeral artworks at Byron Bay beaches. In 2005 she formed the group 'Beach Happenings/Ephemeral Art Installations', which has since created transient artworks on various Australian beaches.

Hirsch's art can be viewed at the Cape Gallery website -
and the Art Peice Gallery website -

Gender Female
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