Joy Roggenkamp (1928-99) was born in Roma, Queensland and was known as the most important modernist watercolour painter in Brisbane in the 1960s and 70s. She was associated with artists lead by Jon Molvig after he moved to Brisbane in 1955. Roggenkamp was a student of Molvig and was inspired by his modernist approach which was forward for Brisbane at the time. Molvig was an Australian expressionist artist an was considered a major developer of 20th-century Australian expressionism, due to his influence as an artist and as a teacher. Roggenkamp also befriended artist Sydney Nolan when she travelled with to Cairns to make work. She also undertook training from landscape painter Percy Stanhope-Hobday and figurative painter Melville Haysom and was a friend of Margaret Olley, who also practiced as a artist in Brisbane for a time.

Gender Female
Country of Birth Australia