John de Burgh PERCEVAL

John Perceval was an Australian artist born in Western Australia in 1923 (d. 2000) and was known to be one of the last remaining members of an artists collective known as the Angry Penguins.

Attended art classes held by the Commercial Arts Association in Melbourne in 1943, studied at the National Gallery of Victoria in 1949.

John Perceval was the first artist to receive the Australian National University Creative Fellowship in 1965, an occasion in which was followed by a major retrospective entitled John Perceval, held at Albert Hall, Canberra in 1966.

Further exhibitions include, 60 Australian Galleries - Melbourne (1956), ‘Angels’ – Museum of Modern Art Australia – Melbourne (1959), ‘Rebels and Persecutors’ – National Gallery of Victoria (1962) and ‘Australian Painting: Colonial, Impressionists, Contemporary’ – The Tate Gallery London (1963).

Throughout his career John Perceval explored a variety of techniques, in particular painting and ceramics which were appropriate to his loose way of working.

Written by:
Lauren Allen
Souther Cross University

Gender Male
Country of Birth Australia