Hal Missingham AO was an all-rounder in the arts and worked as a gallery director, artist, photographer and designer. Before World War II he studied in Perth, Paris and London. He returned to Sydney in 1941 and, after a stint in the AIF, he helped to found a studio of realist art. During the war, in 1943, Missingham was stationed in the Lismore district as a radio operator. His uncle, the late Mr. W.T. Missingham, was a former a president of the Association for Municipalities and Shires and a well-known figure in local government in the region.

In 1945 Hal Missingham was appointed the Director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, a post he retained until 1971. Missingham was invited to judge the Lismore Art Prize Exhibition in 1954. He said, ”I can assure you that the National Art Gallery and its trustees, will do everything we can to assist you, and wish you every success”.

Gender Male
Country of Birth Australia
Date of Death 1970