David Moore a notable Australian photographer/ photojournalist born in 1927 (d. 2003).

His photographic career began in Sydney with the Russel Robert Studio in 1947. He later moved onto work with Max Dupain, before his move to London in 1951.

Moore’s photographic archive includes portraits of both the humble and the famous, artists in their studios, landscape and daily life.

Seven years were spent travelling throughout the UK, Scandinavia, Africa and the United States of America. His photos were published in The Observer, Time Life and the New York Times.

His photographic collections are held in the Australian National Art Gallery, Canberra; New York Museum of Modern Art; Le Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris and the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. He has exhibited throughout Australia, Asia and Europe.

Written by:
Lauren Allen
Southern Cross University

Gender Male
Country of Birth Australia
Date of Death 2002