Darren Bryant was born in 1971 in Lismore, NSW. He received a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Printmaking) from the Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW, in 1992 and a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Fine Art (Printmaking) from Griffith University, Brisbane, in 1993.

Awarded the Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards (Section Three), Bryant has participated in solo and group exhibitions, including a solo exhibition at the Grahame Galleries, Brisbane, in 1994, and in the British International Miniature Print Exhibition which toured the UK in 1994.

Bryant uses a variety of printmaking techniques including relief, intaglio and computer graphics. Generally landscapes, his prints show the scars of racial exploitation, of massacres of the indigenous populations, and of imposed patriarchal structures.

Bio Courtesy of http://www.printsandprintmaking.gov.au/catalogues/artist/9640/darren-bryant.aspx

Gender Male
Country of Birth Australia