Frances Belle PARKER

Frances Belle Parker is a proud Yaegl woman, painter and installation artist from Maclean NSW.
Frances came to prominence winning the Blake Prize in 2000 making her the youngest ever winner and the first Indigenous recipient in the prize’s history.

From 2005 - 2009 Frances was a finalist in the NSW Indigenous Parliament Art Award. Frances was also a finalist in the prestigious 2006 Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award.

Frances has completed a BFA through UNSW, BVA (Honours) through Southern Cross University and a Masters of Indigenous Studies (Wellbeing) through Southern Cross University.

Frances is deeply inspired by her Mother’s land (Yaegl land) and the Island in the Clarence River that her Mother grew up on, Ulgundahi Island. This Island inspired Frances’ most recent solo show ‘Identifying Ulgundahi’ held at CoFA space in Paddington during October 2008 and The Dreaming Festival in 2009.

Gender Female
Country of Birth Australia