Emigrated to Australia 1947.

Anna Cohn, invited to join the Sculptors Society in 1968, later became Vice-
President and then President later on. She wrote the Sculptors Society Bulletins
from 1972 to 1990, and these are accessible for inspection at the Mitchell
Library (State Library of NSW), Sydney.
Anna acted to move Sculpture at the Royal Easter Show to the Art Section
from Craft, where it was hidden until 1969. In 1971 with the help of architect
member Bud Dumas, she obtained the first premises for the Society at 3 Cambridge
Street, The Rocks, from The Rocks Development Authority.
With the dedication of its members, the appreciation of sculpture grew. It is
desirable to continue remembering the many early members of the Society
and their devotion and hard work which helped the Society develop the stature
and success which it has today. Her legacy to sculpture indeed continues, despite
the fact that because of age and failing health, she is no longer actively sculpting

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Gender Female
Country of Birth Poland
Date of Death 2012